Street Reach is a Winchester charity working with young people. Our work is particularly targeted towards those experiencing disadvantage.


We believe that every young person has potential. In offering a variety of experiences and supporting in times of need, we believe we can help young people through difficult times in their lives and develop their potential for the future.


We are committed to working with all young people in such a positive way that they come spontaneously to Street Reach staff for guidance and signposting.


We recognise the ongoing requirement for our services and the potential for broadening our reach as generations of young people pass through this period of their lives.


The need for a charity for young people in Winchester emerged from the local homeless and night shelter projects. Many of the adults using these services had experienced difficulties in childhood and were at risk of unemployment and homelessness before they had reached 16, and so, in 1983 the charity was formed.

The charity was called ‘Winchester Detached Youth Work Project’ whose core work was to reach out into the community to get to know and understand young people and their needs in order that support could be offered. This ‘detached’ (non-centre based) approach to working with young people was not commonplace at the time, but is now widely regarded as an effective way to reach out to young people with unmet needs that are not engaging with other services. We have been well-placed to identify and respond to the changing needs of individuals and the wider community ever since.

In 2004, the young people using the service at the time felt that the charity name was outdated and so they chose ‘Street Reach’ as the re-branded name of the charity.

In recent years, we have achieved steady and sustained growth and our outreach work now takes place in four communities in Winchester every week. We have expanded the scope of our work by taking on the delivery of youth provision at Micheldever Youth Club, a club providing vital support and opportunities to young people in this rural area of Winchester. Alongside our core work, Street Reach are committed to offering targeted projects and experiences that engage, inform and challenge the young people we work with.



Our work with young people is always on a voluntary basis and our approach is founded upon building relationships over time. Through listening to the young people we work with, we are able to adapt and respond to their needs in order to provide effective support. We work in partnership with the young people to design creative and engaging projects.



The staff and trustees at Street Reach have a variety of backgrounds and skills. Our team are trained, experienced and passionate about working with young people.

  • Ben Martin
    Ben Martin Project Manager
  • Stella Bowling
    Stella Bowling Project Administrator and Fundraiser
  • Lottie Clist
    Lottie Clist Operational Lead
  • Fiona
    Fiona Project Lead Youth Worker - Micheldever
  • Nathan
    Nathan Youth Worker - Micheldever
  • Megan
    Megan Youth Worker
  • Lauren
    Lauren Youth Worker
  • Paddy
    Paddy Youth Worker
  • Dave Stow
    Dave Stow Trustee

    Dave took over from Jackie Porter as Chair of Trustees at the end of 2018 saying “that’s a big pair of shoes to fill”. He hopes to enable Street Reach to continue and grow the great work it is doing. Dave has been a trustee of Street Reach for over three years and has also been a trustee of the local branch of the Samaritans and a volunteer at the Samaritans in the past. He works for Ordnance Survey in his day job.

  • Katy Toms
    Katy Toms Trustee

    Katy is our Treasurer and has enabled us to plan our work by devising a bespoke accounting spreadsheet to monitor our annual spending, thereby ensuring that we keep to our budgets.  She is also very active in Micheldever where our youth club is held, holding various roles including Parish Councillor and Trustee of the local Pre-school.

  • Jackie Porter
    Jackie Porter Trustee

    Jackie was the Chair of Trustees for fifteen years, recently handing over to Dave Stow, and has been a trustee of Street Reach for nearly twenty years now! She has a role at the County Council involving children and gets involved day to day with safeguarding, education and social care of children from aged two to 18. Jackie is also the Chair of a number of other local charities, including a Pre-school and a walking charity.

    Jackie’s decision to become involved with Street Reach happened after she was asked to consider being a magistrate.  “I decided not to become a magistrate but instead, work with a charity that develops young people to their full potential and gives them a chance. I am really proud that with the help of our stunning staff, that is exactly what we do!”

  • Kevin Head
    Kevin Head Trustee

    Kevin joined the trustees in autumn 2019, after spending 39 years working in financial services credit, project and compliance risk management, including much time working overseas. Kevin has, for the last few years, sat as a Magistrate in both the Adult and Youth courts in Hampshire and joined Street Reach to extend his involvement in the welfare and development of Young People. He lives in Alresford with wife, dog and cat and, as well as his voluntary work, has a long standing enthusiasm for light aviation and travelling.

  • Joanne Benson
    Joanne Benson Trustee

    My background is in the heritage sector, curating and managing local museums. I have had particular experience running community arts and culture projects; working with artists and other educators to encourage those who do not normally engage in the sector to invest in their local environment and heritage.
    As the mother of two girls I am very aware of the pressures on young women and am interested in how Street Reach can help address these issues with those they encounter.

  • Claire Heath
    Claire Heath Trustee

    Claire has worked in the charity sector for over 17 years in a range of leadership, fundraising and project management roles. She is currently Director of Philanthropy at the Community Foundation for Surrey and is responsible for managing relationships with donors, securing new funding partners and overseeing the marketing and communications team. She joined Street Reach as a Trustee in September 2020. Claire has lived in Winchester since 2012 with her husband and two cats and enjoys running and yoga in her spare time.


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